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Software Requirements

The Blueprint to End-User Satisfaction

The Standish Report shows that an astounding 65% of software defects are traced back to requirements and the cost of repairing defects grows exponentially throughout the software development life cycle.  Most customer satisfaction issues with software products can be attributed to poor requirements.  Yet many companies lack a comprehensive process for requirements engineering and the individuals assigned to building requirements are frequently untrained in the skills that contribute to well-documented requirements.

Poor requirements engineering results in scope creep, wasted effort, overlooked user classes, missing functionality, unnecessary features built, and unproductive programmers slowed down by ambiguity.  The result is a system that is just what you asked for, but not what you need.

Why SMS?
Understanding the best practice skill set needed to develop good requirements is vital for improving overall project results. This is especially true with the ever-increasing complexity of business applications.

Requirements engineering is now a mature discipline that consists of documented practices that have been proven to gain results and reduce project risk. Our definition of high quality requirements are those that are complete and clearly stated, prioritized, analyzed, and verified before design and specification is done. Software Management Solutions (SMS) can provide your organization with a complete array of requirements engineering services that are based on industry best practices such as IEEE, ISO9000, and the CMMI. SMS ensures that your projects get off to a good start, and that requirements development is integrated with the other phases of the software development life cycle.

Requirements Engineering Consulting
SMS can help you deploy a high quality requirements development process that streamlines requirements efforts and provides a solid foundation for project estimation and planning. We can train you in using these practices, or we can provide consulting and mentoring services to help you through mission-critical projects.  SMS' Software Requirements services include:

  • Conducting Requirements Engineering Assessments to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your processes as the basis for process improvement and training planning.
  • Providing Requirements Engineering Mentoring to help your analysts.
  • Developing precise, efficient Requirements Engineering Processes to guide your staff through the project life cycle.
  • Holding Elicitation and Discovery sessions for your most critical projects.

SMS can also provide your organization with staff augmentation to help you fill gaps in your team's skill set.  SMS' network of highly-qualified requirements professionals can provide your organization with the skills needed for all aspects of requirements engineering including Analysis Modeling, Verification & Validation, and Requirements Management.

Requirements Engineering Training
Often, training effectiveness is lost because there is little connection between the training and the day-to-day organizational environment. Requirements training is most effective when done in conjunction with project kick-off activities. Bringing stakeholders together at the start of a project to review requirements development expectations provides them with a mutual understanding of the process and a vocabulary to speed their communications. SMS can provide a tailored training program on site to meet your specific needs from our suite of Requirements Engineering courses, including classes on such topics as Requirements Modeling, Use Case Methods, and Writing Better Requirements.


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