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Implementing SPI

The key to the successful implementation of any software process improvement (SPI) initiative is having a clearly defined methodology to guide you through the project.  Software Management Solutions (SMS) has developed it's own proven methodology, and we work in tandem with our clients to ensure the success of the SPI initiative.

SMS will work with you to generate awareness and buy-in in your organization.  This is an ongoing activity throughout the SPI project that begins with SMS holding courses/seminars for key management personnel.  Then, during the project, a high-level SMS consultant will train key personnel on the benefits and assist in the communication of these benefits to the organization.  Our consultant will work to continuously demonstrate - to the organization - upper management's commitment to the initiative.

SMS will perform a mini-assessment to assess the current state of your software development processes.  Led by an experienced lead assessor, SMS will work with you to baseline your existing processes and identify strengths and areas for improvement.  Together from there, we will set goals and develop an action plan to define objectives and scope, define measurements, and identify the following: pilot projects, key employees for the SEPG, consultants to support this activity, and training needs.  All this will be broken down into milestones and given a defined schedule for completion.

From there, we begin to define new processes for the organization that will help them achieve higher levels of software development maturity.  Concurrently, SMS will provide training for your employees on best practices in software development, including SQA, Requirements Engineering, Project Management and Inspections.

SMS will work with you to implement the new processes, first to the pilot projects, and then to the rest of the organization.  We will train employees on the new procedures and tools used as part of the new development processes.

Finally, an authorized Lead Appraiser will lead the team to perform a formal assessment which will include assessment training, reviews, interviews and a final presentation - all leading to official recognition of your organization's achievement of a higher level of software development maturity.



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